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COVID-19 Data Sources

The COVID-19 Data Sources contains various sources for datasets related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease. Our community gathers, categorizes, sanitizes, normalizes data from sources like NGO's and Governments every day, to make them available for analysis.

What do we do?

Field requests for data

Anyone, a data scientist, healthcare professional, researcher, journalist, or concerned citizen can do a data request. Once a data request comes in and is added to the backlog, a group of volunteers will assess the request and find data, if available.

Data processing

Once data sources are added to the metadata database, developers automate the import process as needed.

Quality control

We can't verify all data will be processed correctly but we'll do our best. Once the data is processed, a manual verification can be added to validate if the data is properly imported.

Make data accessible

Aggregated data is initially made available to download. We're working to make data available through other channels as well, such as Github, Kaggle or a publicly accessible API.

How can I contribute?

Are you looking for specific data, or willing to help us identify sources, automate data collection or creating datasets? Join our volunteers to make coronavirus related data more accessible.

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